PowHer International Women's Summit

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WELCOME TO THE BREEDING GROUND OF OPPORTUNITIES Join us for 6 hours of teaching, training, coaching and mentorship that will strategically shift you to the next level.

Are you ready to scale your business to 6-Figures and beyond? Join us for the premier summit for women professionals, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, daughters who are ready to build, grow, monetize and leverage!

WHY POWHER: Despite the many achievements of women in both politics and the marketplace; a female as vice-president of the United States, a black female judge heading the U.S. Supreme court and a female heading companies such as, Delmiaworks, in Europe, we still have a long way to go and cannot be satisfied as women in many parts of the world continue to suffer from exclusion in so many dimensions of their lives.

Women still face restrictions and limitations in the boardroom, in education, in relationships, and in the entrepreneurial space worldwide. Fortunately, the tides of history are underway to make the minimal, yet notable successes translate into permanent gains for women empowerment and equal opportunity. POWHer, is using its voice and platform to help women enhance their economic productivity and better their personal development outcomes for growth and independence. Our extensive list of speakers are equipped to take the journey with you, will you join us?

PoWHer is the experience every woman needs but never knew she did. PoWHer builds bridges and gaps in our community. Its purpose is to create a garden of women who bloom where they are planted. With the understanding that like a flower, each person comes with unique beauty and purpose. It is also an opportunity to bring women and men of influence together to have open dialogue about issues affecting women.




Suzette Arnold serves as the President of the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta, (JamCham). She joined the organization in 2018, and during her short tenure has strategically set out to grow the organization

PowHER Chairwoman

Dr. Joan Wright-Good is a Cultural Architect of our time, a dynamic International Speaker, Preacher, Business Coach, Best-selling Author, and, Award-winning CEO. She is

Business Coach & Strategist

I started my business in 2020, at 27, with 4 kids, in a corner. It’s so important for me to share my journey to entrepreneurship, and how I made $1.3 million in 10 months – because I know

CEO, Business Mogul

Lisa Nicole Cloud Enterprises

Topic: Business

Lisa Nicole Cloud is a true multifaceted business mogul who has achieved phenomenal success as a self-made millionaire, author, direct sales expert, fashion designer and founder of


Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

Topic: Mental & Physical health within the black community

Rese received her Master of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health, from the number one Integrative Health University in the United States, Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Topic: Inclusion education and women in leadership from a man’s perspective

I am an experienced people leader with strong operational leadership and analytical skills in several key areas such as Performance management and analytics,

C.E.O & Founder

Sharpe Sessions

Dr. Grant is an experienced mathematician who helps students overcome their fear of math by changing the way they think and approach math. She has a passion for helping others build mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills.

Master Hair Weave Artist and Educator

Natural Girl Hair Imports

Topic: Women in Beauty, How to grow a hair mogul company

Master Hair Weave Artist and Educator, Natalie B., brings over 12 years of experience, education, and advanced skill level to the world of hair extensions. Known for her FLAWLESS

Real Estate, Tax Franchiser, Financial Expert

Topic: Real Estate, Tax, Financials

Stephanie Elise is a notable business connoisseur with decades of business building experience. Owning and operating multiple successful businesses contributes to her expertise, knowledge, and passion

Residential Mortgage Banking

Topic: Women and serial entrepreneurship, securing properties and narrowing the wealth gap

I have been in the residential mortgage banking industry for 8 Years. As a advocate my mission is to help my clients and their families obtain the best residential mortgage options offered.

Executive Producer

Lisa Ferrell Productions

Topic: Women in Education & Digital

Lisa Ferrell has worked in series and tele-film development for such companies as CBS, Lifetime Television/Hearst Entertainment, NBC and TBS.

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