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JamCham Learn Approach

We create space for the Jamaican business community to come together, build relationships and grow their business.
The impact of attending our events and getting to know our members has led to great collaborations of support and funding.

How we support our members


Lobbying with state and local regulatory agencies on the members’ behalf.


Education of members through relevant seminars, workshops and literature


Access to information, people and Capital


Provide Members with the helpful and value-added tools or resources


Help members expand their customers and professional relationships


Facilitate growth & prosperity of Jamaican businesses through mentorship

Prosperity Through Access, Voice and Empowerment.

JamCham is committed to providing its members with access to solutions and opportunities. Included in the list of the pillars of success for small business is access to essential business development resources such as: networking, mentorship, funding/access to capital, and tools to attract and retain customers profitably.
JamCham was formed out of a need for the community to come together with a unified voice. Organizations and individuals can optimize business results when they are able to be fully engaged, and they constructively challenge the status quo with the goal of improving it. Having a voice is a critical part of achieving sustainable business success and requires channels through which it can be heard. JamCham is about enabling conversations to take place on matters that affect its members.
JamCham has the infrastructure to be able to lobby for resources, and to empower its members to make informed choices and transform those decisions into successful outcomes. To accomplish this goal, JamCham is committed to building on its already impressive strategic relationships and establishing new ones while providing training and opportunities for members to expand and thrive.

Programs & Resources

The member services committee is the first point of contact for members seeking familiarity with the learn approach
JamCham has the infrastructure in place to receive and process support requests from its members, who will be provided with access to business solutions and informed advice via strategic partners, network connections and through access to member seminars and workshops.

How to Contact us

For more information on our REAL-Networking Services, contact:
JamCham Member Services Solutions Committee